Plastic & Poly - Store, Organize and Protect

Also, see cabinets with bins included for complete storage systems. We can help you design exactly the storage solution from a full room to a small picking area

Plastic Containers

Keep inventory under control, shorten assembly times and minimize small parts handling with these heavy-duty plastic storage tote bins from Cox Industrial Equipment. These totes are stackable in a myriad of unique configurations. They are equally at home sitting on a shelf or bench-top.

Molded from high-impact polypropylene, these plastic storage boxes are unaffected by weak acids and alkalis. The sturdy 1-piece construction is water, rust and corrosion-proof. In fact, they're guaranteed not to crack or break under normal load conditions for 1-year.

Please Note: 

  • Totes are sold in carton quantities only. Total number of tote containers is listed in the product tab. 

  • Dimensions in product list are outside dimensions. 

  • Standard red, blue, green, yellow & black totes are available online (please specify in 'Comments' field at time of order)
    Totes can be custom ordered in semi-clear, black, or stone


Features Include 

  • Anti-Slide stops prevent stacked bins from shifting 

  • Full width hanger lips support bins on hanging systems 

  • Reinforced side-ribs add strength and prevent spreading when stacked 

  • Extra Wide stacking ledge saves space and prevents spills 

  • Large front-label area for easy coding and scanning 

  • Curved-bottom hopper front makes retrieving small parts easy

Ideal for distribution, transportation, storage or other industrial uses, these attached top containers are strong reliable and re-useable. The attached lids are permanently fastened on with interlocking steel hinges that provide strength and rigidity when stacking totes. These totes stack when full and nest when empty to save space.

Features Include 

  • Textured, non-slip bottom for safe conveying 

  • Ergonomic handles make lifting easy 

  • Recessed lid provides greater load stability 

  • Padlock eye allows for secure storage

Attached Lid Containers

Jumbo Stack Bins

Clear View Bins and Racks

Rack Bins

Mobile Jumbo Stack Bins

Dividable Grid Containers

Stack and Hang Bins

Shelf Bins

Stack N Nest Totes

Giant Stackable Hopper Bins

Giant Open Hopper Bins


Automated System Totes

Conductive Containers (ESD)

ESD Containers & Bins

Prevent electrostatic charge build-up when handling electronics​

  • Help shield electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic or induced fields during assembly or maintenance 

  • Essential for areas where workers can pass static electricity to sensitive equipment 

  • Most standard bin types are available in ESD protective models

Conductive Grid Containers

Conductive Open Hopper Straight Wall Containers

Conductive Shelf Bins

Conductive Stack and Hang Bins

Louvered Panel Bench System

Louvered Panel System

Pallet Containers

​Increase efficiency with integrated pallets

  • Integrated pallets increase productivity and make materials handling more effective

  • Bulk containers handle more in one load

  • Sturdy polyethylene construction withstands repeated use, washdowns, steam sterilization, and are UV and temperature resistant

  • USDA/HACCP approved for food handling

  • Useful in industrial, agricultural, food processing and pharmaceutical applications

Fixed Side Bulk Bin

Removable Side Bin

Box Pallets

Collapsible Boxes


Plastic Pallets

Move materials on a more durable pallet

  • A wise choice for transport, rack stacking, floor storage, and shipping

  • Clean, waterproof construction means no swelling or rotting from moisture, or fumigation needed to remove pests

  • Helps assure shipment will not be denied custom entry due to pallet issues

Aluminum Pallets

One Export Pallet

Smooth Deck Pallet

Rackable Plastic Pallet

Heavy Duty Pallets

Safety Cans & Containers

Contain flammable liquids in dispensing or collection mode

Type 1

Liquid Waste Cans

Oily Waste Cans

Conductive Stack and Hang Bins

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