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Need More Storage Space? LOOK UP!

​Call Cox Industrial Equipment for mezzanines, mezzanine systems, equipment platforms, towers, catwalks and crossovers for material handling and storage, and support for conveyors & equipment.


One of the most economical ways to add space to your distribution center, warehouse, storage facility of other industrial or commercial building is to install a mezzanine, storage platform or equipment platform.

Mezzanines and equipment platforms let you use existing space without the need to add on to your building. Steele Solutions designs mezzanine systems that multiply available floor space. Thus, with a one-level mezzanine, you could double the ground floor space available for storage.

We can design a mezzanine system from 100 square feet to 500,000 square feet.


Mezzanines and Platforms Create Space for Storage & Material Handling

Do you need more space for storage, equipment support or material handling?

Mezzanines and platforms are often the most cost effective way to get that kind of space without the need for a building addition.

Cox Industrial Equipment will design and manufacture a mezzanine or other steel structure to fit your existing high-ceiling facility, making use of existing cubic space.

When you "create space" with mezzanines or platforms, you avoid the cost of a building addition and you could realize a tax advantage because free standing steel structures are considered capital equipment and not part of the building. Thus, a faster depreciation of the steel structure can be realized.

Call today 314-567-4800 to learn how to create usable space in your existing facility or in high-ceiling space you are planning, using mezzanines and other steel structures.

These are the first steps that should be taken: Walk around the project area to get a complete picture. Dissect the sections and area for potential obstructions. Obstructions can be found on the floor, overhead or associated with building columns. Take overall measurements. Measure the longest dimensions.

Equipment and Machinery Elevated Platforms

When material handling, manufacturing and other equipment needs to be elevated, Cox Industrial Equipment, Inc., can custom design and manufacture an elevated platform.

Platforms, also called, equipment platforms, mezzanines or steel structures, are ideal for supporting conveyor systems used in distribution centers and other material handling and sorting operations.

Platforms also are used to support other equipment, such as the painting equipment in the photo to the right, and can be designed to support piping required for manufacturing or industrial operations.

The design staff at Cox Industrial Equipment has extensive experience in the engineering aspects of elevated platforms, as well as prevailing codes and OSHA safety standards. 


Cox Industrial Equipment also will design a variety of accessories for elevated platforms, including railings, gates, ladders and stairs.

Equipment and Machinery Elevated Platforms

We will provide the most cost-effective framing systems for your industrial or commercial project.

Our industrial framing solutions for steel mezzanines and equipment platforms include:

  • C-Section – Spans up to 20 feet. These spans are usually formed from flat structural steel and are typically used in small to medium-size applications.

  • Beam and C-Section — A beam and C-section combination allows spans more than 20 feet in one direction, while keeping the depth of structure to a minimum. This combination can be used in all size mezzanine applications.

  • Beam and Beam – In this approach, all wide-flange beam design is used when heavy loading or unusual span are required.

  • Beam and Bar Joist — This system is used for medium to large projects were wide spans and high capacity are needed

Bar Joist and Girder Joist – This set-up is open-web in both directions and is typically used in large projects or in large spans where high capacity is needed.



Beam &


Beam &


Beam &

Bar Joist

Bar Joist &

Girder Joist


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