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EP SERIES finish consists of a silver epoxy coat over a rust-inhibiting undercoat. This attractive and economically-priced finish comes with a Three Year Warranty against rust and corrosion. NSF listed for both wet and dry applications.


NEXELON is protected by NEXGARD, an anti-microbial agent that protects the epoxy coating from staining, odors and degradation. Lifetime Warranty against rust formation.


POLY-Z-BRITE features a true powder epoxy over zinc chromate electroplating for a durable finish. Emulates the look of chrome with the strength to endure temperature and moisture extremes. Poly-Z-Brite is protected by NEXGARD, an anti-microbial agent that protects the epoxy coating from staining, odors and degradation. Ten Year Warranty.


CHROME is an electroplated nickel chrome with a high-gloss finish for a polished look. Ideal for display and dry storage. An economical choice for lasting durability and good looks

Super Adjustable Wire Shelving

Super Adjustable Super Wire Shelving is the most advanced and innovative wire storage system available. A unique corner release system and Posts make changing shelf levels fast and easy, without tools! And Super Adjustable Shelving works in conjunction with the entire Super Wire System of shelves and accessories.

  • Easily adjustable at 1-inch (25mm) intervals.

  • Easily assembled without tools.

  • Unique shelf design minimizes dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air.

  • Unique post design provides a visual guide for positioning and adjusting shelves.

  • Fast and easy reconfiguration.

Maximum Space Utilization: The Corner Release System encourages repositioning of shelves during initial assembly to reclaim wasted vertical space. In some cases, reclaimed vertical space will allow an extra shelving tier to be added to the storage unit resulting in a 25% increase in storage capacity!

Easily Assembled: The unique Corner Release System enables quick and easy repositioning of shelves during the initial set up to accommodate different package or container sizes. “Total Assembly” is complete only after the shelves are properly spaced to maximize storage. Posts, with the double-groove visual guide feature, have circular grooves at 1" (25mm) increments and are numbered at 2" (51mm) intervals to easily identify proper shelf locations.

Easily Adjustable: The unique shelf design and Posts enable “tool-free”, quick adjustment at 1" (25mm) increments along the entire height of the post.

Improved Rigidity: An enhanced Corner Release System has made Super Adjustable™ the most rigid, easily adjustable shelving system ever.

Strong: Super Adjustable™ shelves hold as much weight as traditional Super wire shelving. Stationary units hold a maximum of 2,000 lb. (910kg). Maximum weight capacity per shelf (48" [1219mm] or shorter = 800 lb. [364kg]; longer than 48" [1219mm] = 600 lb. [273kg])

Choice of Finishes: Super Adjustable™ Super shelving is available in a variety of finishes: chrome-plated for dry storage Metro seal 3™ with antimicrobial product protection and Type 304 stainless steel for corrosive environments.

Accessories: Compatible with the entire system of Super shelves and accessories.

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