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Teardrop Selective Rack Series offers all the benefits of closed tube design plus compatibility with other teardrop patterns. Companies adding to older existing storage facilities can retain the existing rack beams and enjoy the benefits of the stronger more torque resistant teardrop uprights. New beams will also fit most existing uprights.

Features and Benefits:

  • Closed tube column construction

  • Compatible with other teardrop racks

  • Many color choices

  • Superb impact resistance and safety

  • Spring activated safety lock

  • Standard 3 stud connector

  • Unique versatility

  • Wide range of rack accessories

  • Maximum torsion resistance of any racking system

  • Beam face with unique label inset

We stock a wide range of teardrop pallet rack brands. Below you'll find the most popular pallet rack kits, beams, uprights and pallet rack accessories available for purchase online. Fast 48 hour quick-ship is now also available on most items. In addition to new – We also have thousands of used pallet racks available for immediate shipment. Please call 314-567-4800 if you don't see the pallet racking you're looking for here. We use high-quality US made steel in all of the new racking we sell. Not only do we have all of this new rack and wire decking in-stock, we also offer a complete line of renewed (refurbished) pallet racking. Cox offers this rack at the best prices online, so you can rest assured that with any rack purchase through us, you're getting the best quality at the best price!


Pallet rack starter kits with wire decks include everything you need to create one free-standing section of rack with two shelves. This rack utilizes universal teardrop connectors which can be interchanged with any and all standard teardrop racking on the market today. Your complete starter unit includes 2 uprights that form the sides of your section, 4 beams that create the 2 shelf levels and 4 wire decks to fit each shelf level. [2 beams X 2 shelves = 4 beams included].

Product Features: 

  • Pallet Rack is constructed using only prime AMERICAN made high strength steel. 

  • Provides maximum space efficiency that's great for storage. 

  • Painted using high quality, high visibility polyurethane paint that is environmentally safe. 

  • Maximum craftsmanship. Tolerances within 7/1000th inch. 

  • Teardrop Style - Many Sizes Available. 

  • Wire Deck is universal style - will fit either box or step style beams 

  • Wire mesh is a standard 2" x 4" pattern

We also have a large inventory of new selective pallet rack in stock and ready to ship now!


Get a wide variety of sizes and capacities to choose from with our teardrop style pallet rack beams. These beams utilize universal teardrop style connectors which can be interchanged with all standard teardrop racking on the market today. All beams come painted with high visibility paint reducing damage to racks and accidents to employees. Now in sizes to fit almost any storage need. Weight capacities are per pair.

Cox Industrial Equipment will provide you with free layout, design, seismic engineering and nationwide installation services! 


Call for details 314-567-4800 or email

Features Include: 

  • Constructed using only prime, AMERICAN made high strength steel. 

  • Painted using high quality, high visibility polyurethane paint that is environmentally safe. 

  • Maximum craftsmanship - Tolerances within 7/1000 inch. 

  • Special “48 Hour Quick Ship” available on many sizes, call for details.

Complete Racks

Pre-configured pallet racks take the guess work out of matching uprights and beams


Teardrop Selective Pallet Racks are the most commonly used pallet rack in the world!

  • These racks give you 100% load selectivity - you can always access every pallet. 

  • It's easy to order pallet racks when you don't have to mix and match beams and uprights

  • Just specify the size of rack you need and choose a starter for the first unit in a row. Then, purchase as many adders as you need to create a row of racks. 

  • We've calculated the exact overall width of each rack, including expansion, so you can easily fit it into your available space with a few quick calculations (and we can do that for you if you like - just call us)

  • Ranges from 8' to 16' tall racks in a variety of beam levels, widths, & depths. For unlisted sizes, contact us for assistance or mix & match components

  • Many, many other sizes, options available

Pallet Rack Beams

Innovative channel design increases capacity



  • 48" x 2.5" Step Beam - 4066# cap/pair

  • 48" x 3" Step Beam - 6960# cap/pair

  • 48" x 4" Step Beam - 8775# cap/pair

  • 96" x 2.5" Step Beam - 1735# cap/pair

  • 96" x 3" Step Beam - 3040# cap/pair

  • 96" x 4" Step Beam - 5230# cap/pair

  • 96" x 4.5" Step Beam - 6067# cap/pair

  • 96" x 5" Step Beam - 7600# cap/pair

  • 108" x 4" Step Beam - 4030# cap/pair

  • 108" x 4.5" Step Beam - 5500# cap/pair

  • 108" x 5" Step Beam - 6125# cap/pair

  • 120" x 4.5" Step Beam - 4585# cap/pair

  • 120" x 5" Step Beam - 5887# cap/pair

  • 120" x 5.5" Step Beam - 6700# cap/pair

  • 144" x 5.5" Step Beam - 5220# cap/pair

  • 144" x 6" Step Beam - 7580# cap/pair

  • Seamlessly welded tubular high-strength steel beam with full vertical fillet welds. 

  • Interchangeable teardrop & rivet beam. 

  • Easily replace your worn-out beams with dependable SK2000 on most rack brands

  • Standard 3-rivet connection

  • Innovative 1/16" stiffening ribs built into the face of the beam give you higher capacities at a better price

  • Easy, boltless installation

Beams you can rely on to safely handle the load for years to come...

The myth out there is that all racks are created equal, but anyone who's ever seen the aftermath of a collapsed pallet rack understands that it's only a myth. SK2000 beams (like their tubular upright cousins) are there for people who want to assemble racks, use them for years, and never worry about it again.

Exclusive Safety Clip

The safety clip resists beam disengagement from the upright. It engages automatically when installed, with an audible "snap" when secured.

RMI Certified

All SK2000 storage rack products are certified RMI 1997; confirming that it abides by the most stringent safety procedures. This means that the rack meets or exceeds industry safety standards; that it met an independent review and certification of manufacturer load tables; is compliant to a Global standard, and complies to the default standard for 2000 IBC.

Pallet Rack Frames - Rack Upright Frame 

SK 2000 is interchangeable with most rack systems



  • 96" x 24" Upright

  • 96" x 36" Upright

  • 96" x 42" Upright

  • 96" x 48" Upright

  • 120" x 36" Upright

  • 120" x 42" Upright

  • 120" x 48" Upright

  • 144" x 36" Upright

  • 144" x 42" Upright

  • 144" x 48" Upright

  • 168" x 36" Upright

  • 168" x 42" Upright

  • 168" x 48" Upright

  • 192" x 36" Upright

  • 192" x 42" Upright

  • 192" x 48" Upright

  • 216" x 36" Upright

  • 216" x 42" Upright

  • 216" x 48" Upright

  • 240" x 36" Upright

  • 240" x 42" Upright

  • 240" x 48" Upright

High-impact warehouses need high-impact rack frames

  • Steel King rack frames have 44 times more resistance to torsional fork truck impact loads than open-back roll form columns

  • High-strength closed tubular design has 250% more frontal impact strength than a comparable open back column 

  • SK2000 frames feature a tapered keyhole connection slot, interchangeable with several other rack systems

  • Allows 2" vertical beam adjustments 

  • Footpads are flush with the column's sides, allowing for full seating of floor level load beams

  • Ships from massive quick-ship inventories

Pallet Rack Accessories

Make your rack safer and more functional


Wire Decks

Wire decking is a great add-on for your pallet rack. It is economical for new installations and for upgrading your current rack system. Decking made tough and durable, with wire construction and underlying metal supports. It offers easy visibility for rack content inspections, and it meets fire safety codes.


Rack Safety Netting

Protect personnel from falling objects and preserve your inventory with pallet rack safety nets that "stop the drop" before it can occur. Order pickers and lift truck errors sometimes cause significant product damage or injuries. Eliminate it by preventing items from falling.


Row Spacers

Frame Spacers keep the space between rack rows uniform and provide uniform pallet overhang space. They bolt onto frames of a two-deep row and hold it securely in place. For rack frames up to 120" tall, 2 Row Spacers per frame are required. For uprights 144" to 216" tall, 3 uprights are required.


Pallet Supports

Front-to-Back Pallet Supports allow storage of pallets which are not deep enough to fit on standard rack frame depths while providing additional support to standard pallets. Use two supports per pallet position.

Post Cushions

Rack Sentry attaches to your rack uprights, protecting them from the forklift collision abuse. Constructed of a flexible EVA material, Rack Sentry is highly visible layer of protection that's easily installed without tools (just a couple of straps and it's on). One person can install a rack guard in a few minutes with just his hands - this also makes them easy to remove and relocate.


Post Protectors

Column Protectors keep pallet rack frames safe from lift truck or other loading equipment damage by providing solid steel protection at the base. Bright yellow finish for visibility. Listed models are freestanding and must be attached to the floor. Available in 12" and 18" heights. Also see Post Cushions for an alternative impact protection product.


Pallet Rack Guards

Pallet rack protection rails prevents costly rack damage that causes warehouse downtime, productivity losses and costly rack repair. With a bright industrial yellow paint finish and anchored to the floor, Guard Dawg is a highly visible and effective solution for the prevention of fork truck incurred rack damage.


Snap-On Column Sentry

Increase abuse resistance on SK2000 upright columns with Snap-Guard column protector. Steel King’s SK Snap-Guard is an adjustable column protector for boltless rack that protects the upright rack column from forklift damage. May fit other rack brands, but contact us before attempting to avoid issues with connections.

Selective Pallet Racks

The most commonly used pallet storage equipment in the world

Selective rack provides 100% selectivity to every load; you can always access every pallet. It  requires numerous aisles and result in lower storage density than some other alternatives. For faster moving product, and the best access, selective racks are the system of choice. Selective racks require more aisle space than alternatives, but deliver maximum access to stored pallets.

Boltless Selective Pallet Racks have been popular due to quick, tool-free assembly and a low purchase price. However, many users have found that the open-back roll formed columns don’t withstand fork truck impacts. Initial savings can be offset by high maintenance and replacement costs.

SK2000 employs the industry standard tear drop connection - meaning it’s interchangeable with the majority of rack systems in use today. A unique closed tubular column shape is why it’s the best rack available. Independent engineering tests confirm that SK2000 has over 250% more frontal impact strength than a comparable open back column. 

  • 44 times more torsional strength (resistance to twisting) 

  • 68 percent more side impact resistance 

  • 3 rivet connection having 26% greater strength than two rivets 

  • High strength closed tubes for frame braces and step beams

Many buyers of new racks opt for the tubular design, and users of existing open back (roll formed) boltless rack are replacing their damaged upright frames with new SK2000 frames. Because SK2000 uses "tear drop" connections, these users are able to upgrade while reusing their existing load beams. 


The SK2000 pallet rack series retains the benefits of boltless rack, while offering substantially more durability. 

Powder Coat Finishing

SK2000 is painted with a high-durability powder coat paint finish. Powder coated products offer better resistance to water and corrosion, better gloss, hardness, and adhesion. In fact, Steel King powder coated products give you:

  • 60% greater resistance to solvents 

  • 74% greater resistance to salt sprays 

  • 94% greater resistance to impact

This means your rack looks better, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer. Buying powder-coated products is better for the environment too. Unlike liquid paints, powder coat paints do not emit fumes into the air.

Cost-Effective Pallet Storage

Companies must maximize the use of warehouse space.


These days, many companies have constantly shifting inventory, a limited budget for storage material, and the need to make existing racking last as long as possible. For such facilities, the boltless pallet rack is a worthy option.

"Industries which benefit the most from boltless pallet racks are those with the need to adjust their storage rack configurations on a frequent basis, as the products they handle change with increasing frequency. The ability to move shelf levels without tools is the biggest benefit of boltless rack," says Jay Anderson, president of Steel King Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of materials handling products for warehousing, distribution and manufacturing industries.

Boltless pallet racks have their primary advantages in a low purchase price, the ability to assemble without tools, and ability to carry heavy loads. A third-party installer is not always needed to adjust storage positions, as the shelf levels can be easily adjusted. It is important to note however that beam level location affects load carrying capacity, so users should verify with the manufacturer that the racks will work safely in the new configuration before making any adjustments.

Buyers of new racks, however, are discovering that the traditional open-back roll formed columns used in these types of racks do not easily withstand forklift impacts, negating any savings gained in the initial purchase. Many are turning to a design that utilizes closed tubular column shapes.

This system retains the industry standard "tear drop" connection, and is interchangeable with most existing "tear drop" systems in use, but the closed tube column design generates more resistance to accidental fork truck impacts. Replacement is actually easy, as the stronger columns can often be utilized with existing load beams.

"This system has been proven in an independent test to have 250% more resistance to fork truck damage," Anderson says. "The product lasts longer, and a more durable system can be an important part of an overall safety improvement program." 

The system has 44 times more torsional strength (resistance to twisting) and 68 percent more side impact resistance. A 3-rivet connection is used for beams, offering 26% greater strength than the standard 2-rivet connection. Heavy 10-guage footpads are welded directly to the uprights, dispersing the column load more efficiently than conventional lighter footpads. 2" beam adjustments allow for needed flexibility in load adjustment. Welds between braces and column are full fillet welds, with up to 4 times the amount of weld used on other rack systems. Also, due to no open backs on the columns, braces, or on step beams, the pallet racking also remains cleaner.

This line also offers a wide variety of column sizes, a number of which are not available elsewhere. The large 4" wide column has proven very competitive in meeting new seismic design parameters specified by local building departments.

For even more strength, extra damage protection is available in the company’s Column Core—an optional C-shaped column reinforcement welded inside each column. This addition further reduces puncturing, buckling and twisting, yet still allows full beam adjustability. To save cost, the Column Core can be added only where needed, usually in the lower 12" to 48" of an upright frame where fork truck damage is most likely to occur. With this addition, SK2000 boltless racks can actually have more abuse resistance than structural bolted racks.

"The kind of strength available with the Column Core is pretty surprising to end users who quite often look at the bolted structural design as the ultimate in the abuse resistant rack," says Anderson. In today’s uncertain economy, new solutions such as the boltless pallet rack solve storage concerns with cost-effective reliability.

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