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Glide-Out 100

Safety and ergonomics are extremely important. We designed this Glide-Out utilizing ergonomic research provided by “People At Work - Volume 1”, to meet or exceed safety and ergonomic standards.  Rack Engineering Division’s Glide-Out 100 can solve even the most unique production storage problems with ergonomics and safety in mind.


When Do You Need A Glide-Out?

  • Floor space is too restricted to access racking with forklift 

  • Workers are leaning too far into existing shelving to hand pick heavy items

  • Machine down time is excessive between die/tool changes

  • Tooling, dies or material is too valuable to handle with a forklift

  • Stock parts are not visible due to deep shelving/racking

  • Rack or shelf space is not being fully utilized

  • Vertical storage space is wasted due to forklift

  • Aisle way for a forklift takes up valuable storage/manufacturing floor space

Ideal For Many Industries and Applications

  • Automotive (stamping dies, test motors, assembly components, tool crib components)

  • Aircraft (turbine components, engine components, dies)

  • Energy (valves, pumps, hydraulic pumps, production tooling, compressor parts, precision drill heads, breaker boxes)

  • Plumbing & Heating (generators, valves, pumps, fans)

  • Pharmaceutical (pumps, valves)

  • Chemical (paints, coatings, fluids, cylinder gas, adhesives)

  • Plastics (injection molds, castings)

  • Tool & Die (machine parts, heavy tooling)

  • Steel Fabrication (specialty metals, press brake tooling, coil storage)

  • Printing (printing plates, printing cylinders)

Crank-Out Glide-Out

Ideal for items that exceed Glide-Out 100 Storage System weight capacities.

Features of the Crank-Out Glide-Out?

  • Heavy duty shelves are of all welded construction with a standard 10 ga. steel deck.  Shelves extend up to 75% with a large 5,000 lb. load capacity.  Special surfaces are available.

  • Various sizes available

  • Custom Specifications

Crank-Out Cantilever

Excellent for storing heavy bar stock, tube, pipe, extrusions, etc.  The Crank-Out Cantilever allows for overhead accessibility by extending its fully loaded arms 100% into the aisle way with an easy turn of a crank.


Ideal For Many Industries and Applications

  • Automotive

    • Tire and Wheel (tube, round stock, bar stock) 

    • Drive Shaft (round tube, square tube)

    • Transmission (bar stock, plate, extrusion)

  • Agriculture

    • Drive Shaft (round stock, bar stock, tube)

    • Implements (flat bar, round stock, angle iron)

  • Steel

    • Quick Ship Materials (round stock, bar stock, tube, angle, beam, channel)

  • Plumbing 

    • Fittings/Conduits (brass tube, galv. tube, pvc, zinc tube, special alloys, pipe)

  • Electrical

    • Conduit (galv. tube, pipe, unistrut)

  • Mold & Die Manufacturing

    • Components (bar stock, tube, brass)

  • Construction

    • Cement (rebar, forms)

    • Structure (beam, angle, tube)

Sheetmaster 100 / Folding Sheetmaster

Perfect for fixture and sheet metal storage.  Ideal for use with vacuum lifts, hoists, sheet lifts, magnets and forklifts.

Features of the Sheet master 

  • Heavy duty shelves are of all-welded construction.  Steel decking is optional.  Shelves extend a full 100% with a 5,500 lb. load, on (4) roller bearings

  • Various Sizes Available

  • Custom Specifications 

Features of the Folding Sheet master

  • Retain your aisle way with the same Sheet master benefits.  Standard 5,500 lbs. capacity shelves.

Bi-Directional Sheet master

  • Load from one side and unload from the other, allowing manufacturing floor space to be free of forklift or crane traffic.  Feed more than one machine with the same Sheet master.  Double sided folding model available.

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