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Manual Carts


Platform Trucks

Cart with a flat deck over a structural frame rolling on wheels and casters equipped with a push handle or stakes.


Shelf Trucks

Utility shelf carts offer ample storage making them the perfect tool for order picking and delivery of small parts.


Wagon Cart

Cart similar to the platform truck, but with a running gear setup like a radio flyer wagon ideal for pulling.


Semi-Live & Johnson Bars

Johnson bars are a pry lever and dolly combined to lift and move heavy loads like machinery around a factory.

Our complete line of industrial platform carts, utility carts, wagons and johnson bars ensures that we will have the right hand operated material handling equipment for your warehouse, plant or shop. Two factors important in making manual material handling equipment efficient, effective and economical are quality wheels and casters and innovative designs. Hamilton has both. Our world class casters and easy moving wheels have serviced the industry for over a century. We leverage concepts like ergonomics, design for manufacture and assembly, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing along with using 3D mechanical design software to wring out waste in our designs. Bar none the best industrial platform trucks, utility shelf carts, wagons, pry bar lever dollies and trolleys you can find online.

Platform Trucks


Wood Deck / Steel Frame

Platform trucks with a hardwood deck mounted in a structural steel frame offer load protection and durability.


All Steel

Steel deck platform trucks are robust and economical, great for moving heavy loads throughout the plant.


All Wood

All-wood platform trucks are an industrial tool crafted from kiln dried hardwood, ideal for woodworking shops.



Aluminum platform trucks’ ergonomic light weight and corrosion resistance provide a useful delivery tool.

Our vast line of platform trucks and carts leads the industry in durability and service. Platform trucks equipped with a hardwood deck in a structural steel frame merge the sound deadening and load protection qualities of the wood with the utility and strength of the heavy duty steel frame. All steel models are a rugged and economical material handling solution that can handle harsh loading conditions. All wood platform trucks are made from select kiln dried hardware that makes them seem more like works of art. On occasion they have been used as coffee tables. Corrosion resistant aluminum platform trucks weigh considerably less than other types of platform trucks and therefore require less effort to push. All of Hamilton’s standard models can be bought online, but we can customize to your specifications with a quick call to the factory.

Application Carts


Drum / Cylinder Carts

In plant delivery cart ideal for moving and transferring drums and compressed gas cylinders, bottles and tanks.


Cradle Carts

Push carts designed to handle metal bars, structural steel beams and long cylindrical shaped loads.


Order Picker Carts

Order picker platforms and carts mate with order pickers and are raised with the stock handlers for loading of decks.


A-Frame / Panel Carts

A-frame carts and dollies are ideal for moving flat materials like plywood, sheet metal and drywall through the shop.

Our line of heavy duty application specific carts, trucks and trolleys leads the industry in value. We provide solutions for moving materials such as drums, compressed gas cylinders, panels, plywood and drywall. Our carts and dollies roll effortlessly on our world class wheels and casters providing years of service. Our trucks and carts are designed using the latest, state of the art 3D mechanical design software with simulation tools to ensure the most efficient use of raw materials. Hamilton leverages concepts including ergonomics, design for manufacture and assembly, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing to wring out waste giving you economical solutions to your materials handling needs. Simply the best order picker carts, cradle carts, a-frame trucks, drum dollies, trolleys, platforms and hand trucks you can find online.

Steel Hand Trucks


Capacity Range: 500 - 1,400 lbs.



1K All Wood

Wood dollies ideal for moving furniture, and appliances. Open frame design transfers load directly to casters.


3K Wood Pads

Structural steel utility dolly with hardwood contact pads to protect load ensuring efficient transfer of stress.


4K Cradle

Wood-lined cradle dolly in a heavy duty structural steel frame perfect for handling cylindrical shaped materials.


5K All Steel

Heavy duty all steel tilt type industrial dolly equipped with six metal wheels creates a “bulletproof” moving tool.

Our robust line of heavy duty dollies, trolleys and carts guarantees the right hand pushed equipment for your material handling needs. They are effortlessly rolling on Hamilton’s world class wheels and durable casters delivering years of service. Hamilton uses high quality kiln dried oak and ash hardwood that is near furniture grade. Our structural steel framed dollies were designed using the state of the art 3D mechanical design software with simulation tools to ensure durability and efficient use of materials. Wooden moving dollies are great for moving furniture, appliances, and lighter weight materials. The heavy duty steel framed dollies are better suited for industrial applications like moving machines and other equipment in warehouses, factories, plants and docks. Hamilton’s moving dollies, the most dependable you can buy online shipped quickly.

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