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Record Storage Shelving and Rack

Sturdy shelving and pallet rack for file box storage

Archive Storage Shelving


Box storage can be more complex than you think - what are your options?

Rivet shelving records storage systems aid in records management by providing an organized solution to high density archive storage. Multiple decking options are available for either racks or shelves. All unit box capacities are based on a standard file box size.

  • For archival shelving applications, these are outstanding shelf systems that allow access to stored file boxes from front and back 

  • We can assist you on larger archival and record storage applications, including complete layout services and project management

  • Shelving can be integrated into a  shelf supported mezzanine to create high-density storage area 

  • Steel box supports are available - contact us for information 

  • Other types of shelving can be used in archival applications, including bulk racks,  mobile aisle, and steel shelves. Although many records storage projects utilize a rivet shelving product, your application will dictate the correct storage media 

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