Wire & Metal Containers

  • Inventory levels are visible, making it easy to monitor product levels at a glance

  • Convenient drop side gate design for ergonomic access to products, even when bins are stacked 

  • Easily moved by forklift, even when fully loaded 

  • Safety plates affixed; meets/exceeds ANSI safety standards

  • Model JR1 has a 1" x 1" mesh pattern, JR5 is 1/2" x 1/2

  • All models can be stacked 4 containers high at max capacity

We stock folding wire containers in the following sizes for immediate shipment

Inside Dimensions

30d X 38w X 28h

38d X 46w X 24h

38d X 46w X 30h

38h X 46w X 30h

38h X 46w X 36h

31d X 41.5w X 33h

38d X 46w X 32h

38d X 46w X 39h

38d X 70w X 40h

Outside Dimensions

32d X 40w X 34.5h

40d X 48w X 30.5h

40d X 48w X 36.5h

40d X 48w X 36.5h

40d X 48w X 42.5h

33d X 43w X 39h

40d X 48w X 38h

40d X 48w X 45.5h

40d X 72w X 46h


4000 lbs.

4000 lbs.

4000 lbs.

4000 lbs.

4000 lbs.

2000 lbs.

2200 lbs.

2200 lbs.

1800 lbs.



Allows for easy movement of containers without the use of a forklift.

Security Lid

Provides security for parts in storage or transit.


A quick solution to mobilize containers without interfering stackability.


Allows for multiple products to be stored in one container for maximum utilization.


Folding Wire Containers are also available with the following options:

  • Cap channel over wire perimeter for added protection

  • Square-Stack legs (super-stacker) for secure stacking

  • Tags, labels, card holders

  • Five gate styles: 1/2 drop side/end; partial drop sides and/or end; and swing out end(s)

  • Fork sleeves, runner bars

  • Dividers: front-to-back or left-to-right

  • Security lids

  • Custom colors

  • Custom feet

We offer an unlimited range of custom designs and sizes

Call for details 314-567-4800 or email sales@coxind.com

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