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End of Row Column Protection


Formed End Guard


Round End Guard

Formed Row End Guards have an angle entry guard to increase aisle clearance up to 3” over traditional round end guards. This guard is 12” high made with ½” plate steel welded to 4” x 6” x 3/8” angle. 48” row end guards have 5, 7/8” holes to accommodate 3 to 5, ¾” anchors for the finest end of row protection available. 

Row end guards are powder coat painted in standard safety yellow. Shipping weight is approximate 75 pounds per row end guard. Row end guards are available in left, right or double entry, in lengths to fit your specifications. Anchors are available but not included.

This formed End Guard is perfectly suited for narrow aisles. The guard wraps tightly around frame and protrudes a maximum of 3/4" post column. This guard can be notched out to allow additional clearances for over size foot plates or lower beam levels. 

Our traditional Round End Guard Protrudes past your frame post in average of 3". This guard is not suited for narrow aisle applications. This guard will accommodates lower beam levels without notching.

Custom Engineered Pallet Rack Repair Kits 
Warehouse Column Guard Protection
Protective Guarding For Warehouse Equipment

  • High impact, impact deflecting kit. 

  • Does not require eliminating any factory bracing. 

  • Option of welded or bolted installation. 

  • Uses 2, 3/4" anchors for high impact and to eliminate frame post twist. 

  • Can accommodate most beam levels 12” or higher depending on height ordered. 

  • Reinforces the most vulnerable section of frame, the first 12” from the floor. 

  • Protects all new or existing front frame posts. 

  • Quick installation. 

  • Not a wraparound post protector or gimmick. This accessory becomes part of the post.

Bulldog Impact Resistance

18"H Pallet Rack Post Protector


Avoid rack upright replacement by providing a solid steel barrier to protect upright posts

Column Protectors keep Pallet Rack Upright Frames safe from lift truck or other loading equipment damage by providing solid steel protection at the base. They’re designed to take the beating and protect the upright frames from forklift damage—meaning your people, inventory, and rack is safer. The column protector is freestanding and must be attached to the floor. Finish: Powder-coat Safety Yellow for visibility

Max Guard Force


The “Real” answer to ultimate outrigger protection!

This guard is constructed with a 4” high, 3/8” steel outer plate that wraps the front and sides of a standard 3” x 3” column with a 3 ½”x 6” footplate. The front v-nose accepts (1) ¾” x 7” anchor. The 3/8” steel continues down one side of the frame (left or right side), past the footplate, and fastens to a 4’ x 3” x 3/8” angle with a second ¾” x 7” anchor. The (2) ¾”x 7” wedge bolt anchors allow the Max Guard Force to defend against twist and provide more than 20,000 pounds of impact resistance. This guard is 13” long with all anchors protected from impact and out of the outrigger path.

       The “Max Guard Force”

• Real Heavy Duty Outrigger Protection!
• More than 20,000 pounds of front impact protection!
• Rugged 3/8” steel construction!
• (2) ¾”x 7” wedge bolt anchors, included.
• V-Nose deflector
• Protects the front and both sides of a 3”x 3” column.
• No external fasteners to catch on outriggers.
• Defends against twisting.
• Custom sizes available.

The “Max Guard Force” column guard is our newest addition to the high strength engineered product line. We created the “Force” to be the highest impact deflecting column guard you can buy, period! There is no other guard being manufactured today that can compete. If you need lasting protection you need the “Max Guard Force”!

Max Guard Plus

  • The "MAX" Guard Plus is a REAL column guard that WORKS, not a wrap around flimsy boot, bolted angle or other gimmick.

  • This Guard is a combination of our incredible popular Max Guard and our Max Guard Shield. It incorporates the advantages of both guards into one. The 4" high 3/8" thick deflector with one internal 3/4" anchor is welded to your choice of 12", 18" or 24" standard height column shield that attaches to your frame post with one fastener. Your frame is protected from fork lift out riggers by the 4" high deflector and the frame post above the defector is shielded against minor pallet and product damage by the column shield.

  • The "MAX" Guard Plus column protector is the perfect solution to stopping lower frame damage caused by outriggers on straddle lift trucks

Advantage Rack Repair


Advantage Bolted Installation


Advantage Welded Installation

  • Returns front post to it’s near original condition with the addition of the patent pending Smac Kit® Bulldog to protect the lower 6” to 12” of the post from impact and twisting.* 

  • Accommodates most beam levels above 12”. 

  • Repair kit reuses existing factory bracing or accepts new bracing when needed. 

  • Front post is reinforced with a backing channel for additional strength. 

  • Manufactured with minimum of 12 gauge steel. 

  • Uses 2, 3/4” anchors to minimize twist and to increase impact of the front post. 

  • The Advantage repair kit is best used when accommodating multiple beam levels above 12" * 

  • Available in welded and bolted styles. 


Warehouse Column Guards




Door Truck Guard

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