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Forklift Accessories

Make your forklift even more versatile or effective

Forklift Cab Covers

  • Keep drivers dry in rainy or wet conditions

  • Shield operators from falling dust and small or light debris

  • Special dome, channels and gutters divert water away from cab

  • Rugged, non-yellowing polycarbonate provides clear view

  • Also available in gray tint with UV protection

Forklift Warning Lights

  • Help prevent worker injuries with a forklift safety light that shines a bright light on the floor to alert workers the forklift is approaching.

  • Bright blue light on the floor helps alert pedestrians to approaching forklifts, walkies, loaders, AGV's and other industrial vehicles

  • The light is bright and highly visible as it precedes the vehicle

  • Mounts to front, back, or both ends of a vehicle

  • Especially helpful at blind intersections or rack aisles with loud ambient noise, or when fork truck is backing up

  • 2 LED lights with powerful beam per unit are long lasting

  • Multi-voltage capable from 12V - 48V 

  • Uses vehicle power to operate. Light runs anytime forklift is turned on - no one has to remember to activate it

Making pedestrians safer by alerting them to approaching vehicles

If you operate fork trucks, workers and pedestrians sharing space with them are endangered. Making fork trucks and other vehicles in your facility more noticeable and keeping workers warned of approaching traffic is key to reducing the potential for catastrophic, sometimes lethal injury.

That is where the vehicle approach warning light helps prevent dangerous collisions. 

As the forklift or other vehicle travels, a bright blue light glides across the floor about 15 feet ahead of or behind it (depending on the mounting location), letting pedestrians know that a fork truck is approaching. This is a tremendous safety benefit to workers in rack aisles or crossing forklift traffic lanes at blind corners where it is difficult to see around corners or into aisles. When workers are alerted by the bright light moving across the floor, they know a vehicle is on the way. Since the light moves only when the vehicle does, pedestrians can also understand whether or not the vehicle is stationary or on the move.

Forklift Lockout

  • Set includes steering wheel cover, lockout hasp and lockout cable

  • Warns workers the forklift is not to be used

  • Help prevent injuries to mechanics servicing vehicle

  • Secures forklift against theft and unauthorized use

Forklift Extensions

  • Sold as sets of 2

  • Extend the load length you can carry

  • Provides added support for heavy or long loads

  • Welded steel construction with cast steel tips

  • Available in flat, round and triangle profile 

  • Move loads up to 4,000 lbs. (uniform capacity)

  • Standard steel strap retainers for safety and easy install

  • "-P" following product code indicates pin style retainers

Forged Steel Forks

  • Forged steel construction for long life and durability

  • Keep additional lengths on hand for special loads

  • Good to have emergency set in case of fork failure

  • Fits class II carriage mount

  • Includes lock pin

Fork Blade Protectors

  • Hide ugly, worn and rusty fork blades

  • Protect packaging with blunt ends

  • Durable polyethylene construction

  • Easy slide-on install with steel cable retainers

  • Eco Green models made of eco-friendly materials

Order Picking Carts

  • All welded heavy duty aluminum construction 

  • Aluminum mesh sides to retain objects

  • Increase pick efficiency and accuracy

  • Deck heights from 4-3/8" to 6-1/16"

  • Base sizes to match Crown, Clark, Hyster, Raymond and Toyota forklifts

  • Clear-coat aluminum finish on aluminum carts

  • Forklift pockets allow transport by forklift to next stage in processing

Hoisting Hooks

  • Capacities up to 10,000 lbs.

  • Allows forklift to hoist bulk loads for easy transport

  • Sturdy zinc plated steel for durable service

  • Rigid and swivel hooks for specific load needs

  • Does not require additional tools or special installation

  • Hooks with shackles included

Forklift Boom Cranes

  • Forklift becomes a portable crane to move bulky materials more efficiently and effectively

  • Able to lift and carry loads up to 8,000 lbs.

  • Meets AWS standards

  • Welded structural steel construction for strength and long life

  • Select from telescoping and non-telescoping, standard rise, high-rise or orbital swing

Forklift Drum Handling

  • Increase safety with forklift assisted drum handling

  • Save time and steps

  • Make forklift drivers more productive

  • Minimize manual drum handling

  • Lift and transport drum more securely and prevent drum spills

  • Use forklift attachments to lift, tilt, rotate and dispense

Coil Lifters

  • Makes moving coiled and spooled product quicker and easier

  • Choose from 4-1/2" or 5-9/16" diameter poles to best match core sizes and capacities

  • Select fork mounted or class II carriage mounted

  • Capacities up to 5,500 lbs. for heavy duty service

  • Fits fork pockets up to 7-1/2"W x 2-1/2"H for versatility in selecting which fork truck you can use

Rug Rams and Carpet Poles

  • Easily lift carpet rolls from racking

  • Choose fork mount or carriage mount 

  • Tapered tips for easier insertion into roll

  • Rotatable pole allows use of pole as spool

  • Sturdy steel construction for heavy loads

  • Blue paint finish to resist corrosion and rust

Floor Maintenance Attachments


Imagine clearing a 4 to 5 foot swath of dust, debris and clutter in one pass. That's what the forklift mounted floor maintenance attachments do for you. From the fork mounted brush sweeper that is better than an industrial broom when it comes to coverage, to the magnetic sweeper and floor scraper, floor maintenance gets easier when you can cover wider, longer paths at a time.

The brush sweeper comes in 4 ft and 5 ft widths with 5 rows of 8" brushes. The brush head is designed for easy brush replacement using the replacement kit. The brush replacement kit includes 5 individual rows of brushes so that you only have to replace the brushes that are most worn (usually the front rows) instead of changing the entire brush head.

The magnetic sweeper is a ceramic magnet set encased in an aluminum body. Great for picking up metal shards, small metal parts and screws, and for sweeping up metal filings.

The floor scraper is a heavy bodied scraping blade that's perfect for removing dried paint and finishes in paint booths and body shops. Also good for removing dried spills.

The dust mop attachment provides a way to remove the finest particles from floors. After doing general sweeping, put the dust mop attachment on and go over the floor again to remove the fine dusting of dirt and silt for really clean floors.

Floor Maintenance Attachments


Convert your forklift into a loading platform, front loader or pallet dumper. Add a pallet canopy or carriage bumper, or pick up a fork caddy to make changing forks easier. Even find a fork extension rack for storage and easy install of fork extensions.

Specialized forklift attachments add more diversity to the jobs your fork truck fleet can tackle. From front loader material transport and dumping to loading platforms, there are special features or special tools that increase productivity and efficiency of your forklift operations. Here's a quick break-down of these products:

  • Pallet Canopy - protects palletized materials from rain, falling dust and debris during transit.

  • Pallet Dumper/Retainer - allows you to offload materials quickly while keeping the pallet attached to the fork truck

  • Fork Extension Rack - not only stores fork extensions, but makes putting them on and taking them off a simple procedure of driving into the rack and lifting them onto the forks or resting them onto the rack and backing out of the extensions. Never leave the truck to handle the extensions

  • Carriage Bumper - reduces damage to loads as the truck inserts the forks all the way into the pallet 

  • Front Loaders - in two capacities, turns your fork truck into a front end loader for transporting and dumping materials

  • Fork Caddy - makes installing forks quicker and easier by doing the lifting and moving the forks for you

  • Loading Platforms - one open sided and one with handrails, allows you to load and offload materials from trucks, trailers, flatbeds, mezzanines, docks and other raised positions when the materials are irregular shaped, or unable to be palletized. NOT for transporting people or for work platforms

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