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Structural Steel pallet racks constructed of hot rolled structural channel have long been known as being extraordinarily capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the toughest environments. This has always made structural channel pallet rack popular for use in freezers, coolers, and distribution facilities. Today, with intense competition forcing nearly every company to increase throughput, the structural industrial storage rack has become a popular choice in many different industries. Cox Industrial Equipment is no stranger to structural channel pallet rack design, having been producing this rugged rack for over 25 years. Armed with this considerable experience, We have incorporated features into our structural channel pallet rack that are proven to increase its strength and durability. These design improvements differentiate our warehouse pallet rack from other structural racks, resulting in even lower maintenance costs, increased safety, and a longer service life. This difference can give you a competitive edge in your industry.

  • 3", 4" or 5" Channel Columns

  • Factory welded frame construction - full horizontal and diagonal bracing

  • Heavy-duty 7 ga. footpad, welded to column, with multiple anchor holes

  Structural channel pallet rack is painted with a high-durability powder coat paint finish.

Powder coated products offer better resistance to water and corrosion, better gloss, hardness, and adhesion. In fact, Our powder coated products give you:

  • 60% Greater Resistance To Solvents

  • 74% Greater Resistance To Salt Spray

  • 94% Greater Impact Resistance

This means that your equipment looks better, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer. Buying powder coated products is better for the environment too, because unlike liquid paints, powder coat paints do not emit fumes into the air.

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