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Qwik-Ship Lockers are available for immediate shipment

They feature heavy 16 or 18 gauge steel doors mounted in welded frame assemblies for strength and durability. Reliable recessed handle and proven latching system ensure maximum security, while louvers provide ventilation. Lockers are conveniently available in pre-packaged, 1 - wide and 3 - wide groupings. Qwik-Ship Lockers include 6" legs for an overall finished height of 66" or 78".  



Door - 16 or 18 ga. mild cold rolled steel.  Body - 24 ga. mild cold rolled steel.


Knocked down (KD), assembled with nuts and bolts.


Full loop, 2" 5-knuckle hinges nested in door slot; welded to frame and double riveted to door.



Stainless steel recessed handle with plastic-protected lifting trigger.  Punched to accept a padlock or a bult-in lock.  Meets ADA requirements for accessibility.


Tiered-quiet, multi-point latching on heavy gauge frame hooks with rubber silencers that reduce noise.  Concealed quiet lock bar locked in place and isolated from metal to metal contact by polyethylene glides.  Box - padlock hasp and steel strike plate with integral door pull.


Louvers; door perimeter.


Style: (Single, Double, Triple, Four Tier, Two Person, Duplex, Double Door and Box)



All major steel parts shall be made of mild cold rolled steel, free from imperfections and capable of taking a high grade enamel finish.
-ALTERNATE: Specified locker components shall be manufactured from  Galvanized steel and finished by manufacturer's standard process.

2.3.2 FINISH:

Surfaces of the steel shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized in a seven-stage process.  All parts shall then be finished with a heavy coat of enamel baked on at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.


Lockers shall be built on the unit principle - each locker shall have an individual door and frame, an individual top, bottom, back and shelves with common intermediate uprights separating units.



Door frames shall be 16 gauge formed into 1'' wide face channel shapes with a continuous vertical door strike, integral with the frame on both sides of the door opening.   Double, triple or four tier locker cross frame members shall be 16 gauge channel shaped securely welded to vertical framing members to ensure a square and rigid assembly. Intermediate cross frame members are not required on box lockers.

2.3.5 DOORS:

Shall be 16 gauge or 18 gauge steel for short or narrow doors as required by manufacturer's design, formed with a full channel shape on the lock side to fully conceal the lock bar, channel formation on the hinge side and right angle formation across the top and bottom. Single tier doors 60'' and 72'' in height and 18" and wider shall have a diagonal reinforcing angle welded to inner surface. Doors for Standard Box Lockers 3, 4, 5 and 6 openings high are 16 or 18 gauge steel and shall be formed with right angle flanges on all four sides. Locker doors shall be ventilated by louvers on the face of each door, top and bottom.


All "tiered" lockers shall be equipped with a positive automatic pre-locking device, whereby the locker may be locked while door is open and then closed without unlocking and without damaging locking mechanism.


Latching shall be a one-piece, pre-lubricated spring steel latch, completely contained within the lock bar under tension to provide rattle-free operation. The lock bar shall be of pre-coated, double-channel steel construction.  The lock bar shall be securely contained in the door channel by self-lubricating polyethylene guides that isolate the lock bar from metal-to-metal contact with the door. There shall be three latching points for lockers over 42" in height and two latching points for all tiered lockers 42" and under in height.  The lock bar travel is limited by contacting resilient high-quality elastomeric cushioning devices concealed inside the lock bar.  Frame hooks to accept latching shall be of heavy gauge steel, set close in and welded to the door frame.  Continuous vertical door strike shall protect frame hooks from door slam damage.  A soft rubber silencer shall be securely installed on each frame hook to absorb the impact caused by closing of the door.  Box locker doors shall be equipped with a padlock hasp and a stainless steel strike plate with an integral handle pull. Box locker doors may also be equipped with built-in locks.

2.3.8 HANDLES:

A non-protruding 14 gauge lifting trigger and slide plate shall transfer the lifting force for actuating the lock bar when opening the door.  The exposed portion of the lifting trigger shall be encased in a molded ABS thermoplastic cover that provides isolation from metal-to-metal contact and be contained in a formed 20 gauge stainless steel recessed pocket.  This stainless steel pocket shall contain a recessed area for the various lock types available and a mounting area for the number plate. 

2.3.9 HINGES:

Hinges shall be 2'' high, 5-knuckle, full loop, tight pin style, securely welded to frame and double riveted to the inside of the door flange. Locker doors 42'' high and less shall have two hinges. Doors over 42'' high shall have three hinges.

2.3.10 BODY:

The body of the locker consists of 24 gauge upright sheets, backs, tops, bottoms and shelves. Tops, bottoms and shelves are flanged on all four sides; backs are flanged on two sides. Uprights shall be offset at the front and flanged at the rear to provide a double lapped rear corner. All bolts and nuts shall be zinc plated.


Single tier lockers over 42" high shall have one hat/book shelf. Other tiered lockers do not require shelves. All single, double and triple tier lockers shall have one double prong rear hook (single prong in 9'' width) and two single prong wall hooks in each compartment. All hooks shall be made of steel, formed with ball points, zinc-plated and attached with two bolts or rivets. Lockers under 20" high are not equipped with hooks.


Each locker shall have a polished aluminum number plate with black numerals not less than 1/2'' high. Plates shall be attached with rivets to the lower surface within the recessed handle pocket.
2.3.13 COLOR:

Doors and exposed body parts to be finished in colors selected from Republic's collection of twenty-five colors. Non-exposed body parts are finished in #83 Decorator Tan.
-OPTION: Specifier may modify above paragraph if non-standard custom colors are selected.

2.3.14 ASSEMBLY:

Assembly of all locker components shall be accomplished by the use of zinc plated, low round head, slotless, fin neck machine screws with hex nuts, producing a strong mechanical connection.
-OPTION: Keps nuts and bolts or rivets may be used for assembly.

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